Not to say we shouldn’t be dabblin’ in the ‘Go Spa’ experiences. . .because God knows - they can be wonderful - but the importance of Home-Spa-ing is based on the true spa philosophy which is about great health and beauty shining from within, and truly the only way to achieve that is by incorporating consistent daily practices - that can be as easy as visits to your kitchen and bathroom.

I’ve noticed that people who are healthy, beautiful, and happy seem to have common practices that are so simple, inexpensive, and easily accessible to all of us ! Many of these things are found in our homes, backyards, and deep within in our selves. Here are a few of those things:

--They take deep breaths often- getting lots of oxygen (many times it’s just natural through their big smiles and laughter)

--They spend time outdoors-exposing them to natural earth elements and sunlight

--They drink alot of water and eat whole foods that are not processed

--They give themselves plenty of time - especially in the morning preparing for the day (the reason why this is particularly important is because when we don’t have time and we rush, the body tenses up - and normal functions are affected - not allowing the body to relax and eliminate can take years off of life, let alone lead to colon cancer)

--They allow the releasing of things in life - like children when they’re grown, toxic relationships, jobs that are unfulfilling

--They embrace a philosophy that is naturalistic

--They live in harmony with nature

--They feel empowered in their own health care because they do practices at home to keep themselves healthy and wise !

So, a Home Spa experience ends up becoming a way of life when used on a daily basis -

Marilee Tolen RN, HNC is an expert in the Home Spa Lifestyle. A former Intensive Care Unit nurse, Marilee became one of the country's first twenty-five board certified Holistic Nurses.

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