Actually - I think I’m more drawn to Messages To Water. This morning I decided to write the word LOVE on a big piece of paper and tape it to my 5 gallon bottle of spring water that is in my kitchen. I taped it so the word itself was facing the water and that I could see the word through the other side of the bottle. Now, you may be thinking that is crazy and curious as to why I would do that - and what effects this could possibly have. Well, if so - here’s what it’s all about. . .

A Japanese researcher, Dr. Masuru Emoto, has been fascinated with the mystery of water and has been studying the differences in crystalline structures of different waters. The results of his work have taken scientific and spiritual communities by storm. Emoto came upon an idea of photographing water crystals of water from different places (such as a toxic environment, or Lourdes in France) and found the crystals to be extremely different. Different in the way that the more toxic the waters, the more distorted the shape of the crystal - and the more vibrant the waters, the more beautiful the form of the crystal. A good description of his work can be found at Emoto’s work goes on to show how external influences such as sound can affect the crystals of water. When water was exposed to music such as Beethoven’s Pastorale - the crystal form was exqusite. When it was exposed to heavy metal the crystal form was fragmented. He also found that exposing water to certain words such as Love and Appreciation - the crystal was beautifully formed. When exposed to the expression ‘you make me sick, I will kill you’ - the crystal didn’t even exist - it looked like sludge. You can see pictures of these water crystals in his book:

ISBN 4-939098-00-1
8×10 inches, 147 pages in full color

Besides reading this book, I have also attended a few lectures and seminars on his work by people who have studied it either with him or in depth. This past weekend at the AHNA conference, one of my colleagues and friends, Jane Hershey RN, MSN, HNC did a fabulous presentation of Dr. Emoto’s work. I was highly inspired by her story and presentation and obviously influenced enough to write the words of LOVE on my water. Hey, I figure - we are over 70% water ourselves - and if we drink this ‘infused’ water - what a profound impact it can have on us. As a matter of fact, when you start to think of the implications of all of this - you can even track the importance of how your thoughts affect everything around you. Thoughts are vibration and Emoto’s work shows us how water is very receptive to vibration. We can use this concept to literally transform our lives. It makes sense to me from an energetic perspective - because water is a powerful condutor of energy - and our thoughts are energy. The more I’ve pondered this the more it is clear to me that water is a great tool to heal and transform our lives. It is the perfect element in which to ‘infuse’ postive thoughts and energy - because it flows to us and through us, and eventually becomes us.

So, the next time you drink, bathe, shower, swim, or use it therapeutically - bless it with your thoughts, and infuse it with a positive suggestion to lift you to a high level of wellness in body, mind and spirit.