We always think of using the essential oils for people only - but - Hey! - I mean - Hay ! Horses benefit just as much or more !

In a recent issue of Natural Horse Magazine, Dr. Mack, a holistic vet, was interviewed on the process of Raindrop Therapy for Horses.

Here are some of the benefits of Equine Raindrop Therapy according to Dr. Mack:

*Strengthen the horse’s immune system
*Uplift the emotions
*Help realign the spine

She also speaks about it being a preventive medicine as well as therapy. She explains that essential oils are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiprotozoal, and emotionally uplifting, as well as soothing for sore muscles and useful for pulling toxins out of the system. Performing a Raindrop leaves the horse with an aura that keeps him from getting sick. She has also discovered that Raindrop therapy is helpful before a chiropractic adjustment to relax muscles and realign the spine, and helpful afterward to maintain an adjustment.

Dr. Mack has a video called Equine Raindrop Therapy. It’s an enjoyable and educational video with a clear presentation of a useful treatment that can be readily performed at home. The captivating footage of equine athletes in action at the beginning and end is entertaining and reminds the viewer of the power and agility of the horse, as well as the demands we put on them. So why not learn Raindrop Therapy? As Dr. Mack says, “There is no reason NOT to do a Raindrop!”

Dr. Mack’s video on Equine Raindrop Therapy is available from New Era Productions. Go to www.neweraproductions.com.

Dr. Mack can be reached by phone at (760)447-0776 or by e-mail at crazyhorsedr@hotmail.com and appreciates feedback from you.

To order a Raindrop Kit go to www.youngliving.com/marileetolen