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For the nurse, healer, or holistic health care practitioner who wants to start a private practice or for someone currently in private practice who wants renewed energy.

Whether your practice is in an institution (wellness center, hospital, spa) or a stand alone independent setting, this can help you.

Eight Steps to Kick Start Your Practice by Marilee Tolen RN, HNC, CHTP, CHTI

For the nurse, healer, or holistic health care practitioner who wants to start a private practice or for someone currently in private practice who wants renewed energy. 

Whether your practice is in an institution (wellness center, hospital, spa) or a stand alone independent setting, this ebook can help you.


I have to say that Marilee's teleseminar was the best! I particularly loved the way she targeted the program to the independent practitioner, and gave us some great tools for marketing. The most use for me were the 15 ways to advertise without spending a dime.

Marilee has done her own personal work and she shines right over the phone and the internet screen!!!


Krista Hall, RN, CHTP
The Healing Touch Wellness Center
New Market, MD

Fantastic program you put together!  I enjoyed hearing your ideas; reinforcing what I'm already doing and picking up new tips.

This will be really useful information for my HTP mentees. I will be able to direct them to a valuable resource to guide them in getting started with their practice.
Thanks for your help!
Rosann Geiser CHTP/I
Appleton, WI

This was an amazing class for me which involved several firsts. It was my first marketing class, my first teleseminar class as well as my first class with Marilee. During the week, I found myself chewing on segments of the class and trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Although I have not yet completed this ongoing process, I now feel more focused and confident about the process because I have more options--options that I had not even considered before. I especially appreciated the ability to relisten to the session and I look forward to taking Marilee's course on internet marketing.
Muffy Williams, RN RMT CHTP HTAP
Ballston Lake, New York

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Dear Marilee,
With every class you teach, you just get better and better. This material is so helpful in teaching me about all the options available to increasing my business - so that I get better and better along with you!

Thank you for all that you do. It really is so helpful.

Martha Rather BFA, CHTP/I
Brentwood TN

I have been following Marilee directly and indirectly for many, many years because of her valuable, inspiring, encouraging, and "cool" knowledge base. This last teleseminar on the "8 Steps" was offered to us at a great time since I had been feeling discouraged in reference to my own personal and professional setbacks. The teleseminar allowed me to renew my goals and vision both personally and professionally. I am literally addicted to the convenience of this type of distance learning....it is win/win.
As always....Thank You Marilee:)
Nancy Brennan RN
Healing Touch for Peoples & Pets

Salem, NJ

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. It is truly helpful. I practice healing touch also, I am level 3 and hope to continue to level 5. I also do Reki level 1. I love being a NP. I currently left me job due to lack of autonomy, and lack of allowing me to practice how I want (compassion, incorporating holistic therapies). In October I have decided to start offering healing touch and eventually other therapies to my beloved patients who I adore. Thank you so much I will look forward to the EBook!!
Jennifer Bubel MS APRN FNP-C


The information Marilee presented for health professionals to promote their practice was not only informative, it is information necessary to navigate this health care system at this time. If you want to have your finger on the pulse of this information technology world and finding out how you fit into the system with your talents, take Marilee's teleseminars. They are filled with information on how to expand, promote and polish your existing practice. Marilee is not only informative but INSPIRATIONAL!

Donna Marie Laino, MSN, RN, HTP
Certified Laughter Leader

The 8 Steps to Kick Start Your Practice was a fabulous four session web class. It was power packed with practical "how to" information. Marilee presented each topic in doable, easy steps. Some of this information I have heard before and some was new material. However, the way she presents it, I think that even I can do them. She tells you what to do, why to do it, how to do it and when to do it. She speaks in a wonderful, uplifting voice that is both energizing and encouraging. I personally liked the web cast format. I was not available on Monday evenings for the live program. But I could listen at my convenience and leisure. I feel I have been "Kick Started" and have a great tool box of information to help me. Thank You Marilee.
Mary Pat FitzGibbons RN MS CHTP/I BHSP

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I enjoyed your '8 Steps to Kick Start Your Practice' webcast course.  Your information helped me refine my thinking while expanding my creativity. Thanks to you I am already seeing more clients. You gave down to earth practical advice that really works!
Thank you so much.
Grand Junction CO

I have never been privileged to receive so much useful information without a steep fee AND without getting either overwhelmed or bored. Marilee presents extremely valuable information with inspiration and enthusiasm helping me to believe that I too can start a successful business. Thank you, Marilee, for your compassion and heart!

Sandy Chapek, RN,
HT Apprentice

The information in this class was very informative. Some of it was not new to me, but Marilee put it together in an easy format. I really enjoy the teleseminar format because I am too busy to spend an entire day sitting in a classroom. I recently relocated and this was just the impetus I needed to get busy setting up my practice.
Cherry Pfau RN, MSN, AHN-BC, RM/T, HTP-A 
Chapel Hill, NC

I felt that the presentation was well researched and offered practical insights into the advantages and drawbacks of each type of practice. It was especially helpful to me since my practice is a combination of types--volunteer, in my home, spa and going to others' homes as well as working through the local health food store. I guess I like variety. In addition, the suggestions cited to expand a practice in one's community by soliciting to local businesses and organizations really confirmed what I had been envisioning. I always gain encouragement from Marilee's insights about money and fee-setting. Thank you so very much for creating this.
Pat Scalice RN

Thank you for such wonderful information.  It was great to have a class when the time was best in my schedule.  I received many "pearls" that will guide and build my practice.

Deb Reis RN
Toledo Ohio

I am so happy with this seminar; it has answered a lot of questions for me. Getting the benefit of your experience has helped me keep from wasting my time and money. It has given me tools I can use to start my home based business.
Lois Ann Hittle, L.P.N., C.H.T.P.
Lantana, Florida

Thanks so much for this wonderfully informative teleseminar.  Most of all, thank you so much for providing inspiration and motivation.  I've already put several of your ideas into action and am seeing positive results.  Thank you for your loving gift of time and expertise to all of us!

Susan Wenzinger, RN, Nurse Practitioner ~ Reiki Master
Vestal, NY

I loved Marilee's "Kick Start Your Practice" 4 week series.
I found her very generous with her information and so many wonderful tips that were very helpful to me even though I have experience with my own practice. Its a great "how to" guide that is
so valuable and a must for everyone considering starting their own practice and also for those who already have a practice.
Marilee is a master and anyone would be blessed to have this information

Jean M. White RNC, HNC, CHTP, HTI
Langhorne, Pa.

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Scattered throughout 8 Steps to Kick Start Your Practice are priceless gems of life wisdom -- gems that help you re-frame how you think about approaches for energizing your business. Previously, I had felt weighed down by many of these approaches. With the new perspectives provided by Marilee, these business start up tasks feel light and do-able -- and I am approaching them with inspiration and enthusiasm.
Rachel Rasmussen, HTAP, CHTP, CCA, LMT

Dear Marilee,
I want to thank you for letting me attend your recent "Kick-Start Your Practice" teleseminar. I recently left my job of twenty-one years working in a hospital as a nurse. I had been dabbling in in energy work for the past four years and was ready to make a life change. I am a Level 3 Healing Touch practitioner and Reiki practitioner and wanted to get myself out there but didn't know how. Your program gave me some great ideas on how to market myself. I think what I learned most from your program was the realization that what I have to offer is worthwhile and can really benefit people. It gave me the courage and motivation to move forward. After listening to the first class I gave a lecture at a local retirement home and began giving free sessions to the residents there. I can't wait to try out some of your other suggestions and ideas. I enjoyed listening to the seminar through the internet and found it very convenient with my busy schedule.
Malyss Standbridge, R.N.
Richmond, VA

WOW! This class is filled with fabulous questions and numerous suggestions. What I love most is that Marilee encourages participants to figure out what resonates--this empowers us to put forth energy from the most authentic place.

I'm just redesigning and re-writing content for my website, so this has given me some direction.


Sharon Greenspan
North Bethesda, MD

I loved your information and helpful ways of promoting my business. I used the ideas of the follow-up calls and coupon for referrals. They worked great, my clients were happy with this follow-up. I did a health day for the teachers before school and joined a Women in Management organization for great networking. I haven't paid for my advertising yet, but am considering an ad on the back of my church bulletin which would cost quite a bit. I'm thinking I need to stick with the FREE!! Thanks for everything Marilee, you're truly an inspiration.
Fond du Lac, Wi

This excellent series of four classes provided me with a great opportunity to think about and plan my practice. Marilee is enthusiastic, respectful, and so adroitly addresses the obstacles to using the tools available for developing a rewarding practice. I am grateful that I had this opportunity.
Thérèse Dowd  
Akron, Ohio

Well, the saying when the student is ready the teacher appears was so appropriate in this case. I was being frustrated that my client load was down substantially and was thinking that I needed to do something. I was considering spending money doing advertising and that same day I received the Email about the class 'Jump Start Your Practice'. I knew Spirit was colluding so I signed up. The information was perfect. While I inherently knew much of what was presented, I needed to hear it all clearly and concisely.
Two days after hearing that a possible way to increase my business would be to arrange working out of a medical professionals office, a friend called to tell me her Chiropractor/ND was looking to expand her offerings and that we would be a perfect match.

My greatest lesson was that 'thinking' the information that was presented will create opportunities to expand business and for me, it has!!

Thank you for the information and for making it available to listen to again....... and again!!


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Awesome 4 week seminar and advice from Marilee! I appreciated her creativity, well thought out ideas and her encouragement to build on our strengths. We can all market ourselves with our own uniqueness without spending a fortune! It really motivated me and I put into practice some the ideas right away. I would recommend this seminar to anyone in business for themselves.
Janice Motley MA, HHP
Carlsbad, CA

Hi Marilee:
I just loved this course.  I have been talking about starting my business for so long but, I was clueless.  I didn't even know how to articulate my questions, much less, where to go for the answers.
The second class, I felt discouraged;  I couldn't imagine making connections in the community similar to the ones that you described.  The next day, I went to the Wild Oats store near me to get a few things. Right at eye level on the door was a flyer asking for people who were involved with complimentary and alternative therapies to leave their business cards in the holistic health center of the store.  I couldn't believe it.  I went there and talked to the person briefly, (she was on another call.)  I left my business card. They have a folder that they keep on hand.  Then I went back and talked to her later and she was very impressed with my background.  She made more notes to add along with my card.

It was amazing!  Like an instant homework assignment completed.  I don't know if I will get calls from that encounter but it gave me the confidence to approach others in the same way.  Thank you
so much.
Eileen Butz
Loveland, OH

"What a terrific program" Thank you so much for your ideas, given with such enthusiasm, I now believe that I can make a plan and go out and market myself and what I love to do!. You have also inspired me to be receptive to Internet Marketing! I am very excited about the possibilities your seminar introduced me too.

Patricia M. Pollman RN, HNC, HTPA
Reno NV

Marilee's enthusiasm and no nonsense approach was invigorating, helpful and user friendly. It was very supportive as it helped me to feel more at ease and excited about the steps involved in creating a thriving business.
Mary Seibert, RN, BSN, CHTP, HN-BC
Ann Arbor, MI

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I have enjoyed all four weeks of 8 Steps to Kick Start Your Practice. I was very relieved to know that all the ways I have attempted to create a successful practice was outlined in your tele-seminars. I have not seen the success that I thought I would see but listening to you and your ideas gave me hope that time will pay off. I am not a public speaker but you gave me some encouragement to talk to groups. I just need to look at it as reaching out to share my gift with people. I will go back and look at why the things I was doing did not work for me and incorporate some of your ideas and see if that will make a difference in my practice.
The Law of Attraction is very real and I look forward to sharing my gift. Thank you for all this wonderful information and for caring about the success of all of us out there that are struggling with the business side of holistic health. I look forward to your e-book for reference.
Mary Anne Bland Dipl., ABT, HTP
Elkhorn, WI

The 8 steps to kick start your practice is a MUST for anyone who is struggling to take that leap to move forward with starting their practice. Many health care professionals are very gifted, but lack the knowledge of starting a business.  Marilee empowers you with a program that offers valuable information to enable you to move forward.

Pamela Potenzo RN, BSN, CC
Certifed Life and Career Coach
Founder of Ageless Beginnings
Upper Montclair NJ

The information I received over the course of these four teleseminars was invaluable. Thanks for providing the information in this format and for free. I am just starting to put all the pieces together for my own business and the ideas you provided in getting clients was great. I particuarly liked the tips that included suggestions about writing. I work in many areas of health and your advice about the niche market hit home. Thanks again.
Christine Hankerson, MSN, RN
Wesley Chapel

Thank you for presenting four weeks of exceptionally useful information for "kickstarting my own practice!" You helped me to define and focus on my 'marketing niche' as it relates to self-care practices. I have been volunteering weekly self-care Healing Touch sessions for the staff at a local homecare and hospice office facility. After hearing your talk on getting and serving your clients, I decided to volunteer to do a presentation on "Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care" as it relates to these healthcare providers. Just as you said it would, my volunteer work has generated a tremendous amount of interest in what I do. After the week's conference call on "location, location," I found and rented office space to see clients for Healing Touch as a fee-for-service within a psychotherapy practice in Springhouse, PA. I am very excited about the 'forward motion' of bringing Healing Touch to the public. "Kudos" to you, Marilee, for an inspirational series!
Gail Buletza RN, BSN, Healing Touch Practitioner
Philadelphia, PA

Buy the E-Book Now!

Charlotte Davenport RN, HTP
Farmington Hills, MI
I am so pleased with the excellent information about Kick Starting Your Practice. My clients are very happy now with E-mail follow-ups and helpful hints. They have given feedback that they look forward to them. My practice is definitely increasing since I started to focus on my story of how I started into Healing Touch when my husband had a recurrent brain tumor and the dramatic difference it made in his recovery. Focusing more on advertising my passion, has made it easier than trying to tell about the 6 different modalities I use. Listening more to what my clients want is making it easier to meet their needs instead of trying to determine which Healing Touch techniques to use. This was extremely valuable training I wish I had received 7 years ago!

I am new in the business and these classes have given me a lot of information that I needed.  I have really enjoyed the classes and will share my knowledge with others as I grow in this business.  Thank you so much.
Benita Livingston
Memphis, TN

Hi Marilee, Wow! I really enjoyed your "8 Steps to Kick Start Your Practice". There was so much great information. It was a wonderful opportunity that you offered to practitioners to help their business grow. Presently I am living in Germany and not able to work here. One more year here in which I will continue my alternative health studies. When I move back to the states I plan on opening a wellness center. I previously worked as a Reflexologist and Reiki Teacher. Now I am focusing on learning Acupressure and related modalities. The information that you have provided helps me fill in the blanks. I must say thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information.
Nancy Barnes
Gailingen, Germany

The tele-web course came at just the right time for me. . . I had been discouraged at too few clients and honestly questioned my being in the healing business.  As a Reiki Master, I am well aware of what a low energy level can do.  Thankfully, the sound advice in the class was inspirational and gave me the boost I needed. 
Thank you!

Linda Carter Backes
Charlotte, NC
A Radiant Life Health

I thought these four weeks were phenomenal. You presented great information to help all of us and in a very professional manner.  I would gladly participate in further tele/web seminars.

Thank you so much for your efforts in helping many

Bonnie Sennelly
Synergistic Touch
Harrrisburg, PA

I really enjoyed this teleseminar, especially because it brings me back to myself, my experiences, my strengths...what could work for me.  It triggers my imagination and helps me  look inside for creating my life and starting my practice.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, it is refreshing,  full of hope and life!!
Lucie Moisan

Buy the E-Book Now!

This class helped me focus on some things that I could do and do better in my business. It gave me great ideas and inspired me to get out there and do some of the things that had me stuck in fear and procrastinating. I found myself anticipating the class every week, and being really excited about it. The information presented can be used by people in any business, and much can be learned by all. Thank you Marilee for sharing and inspiring us all.
Vivien Holder
Lake Elsinore, CA

I thought you were a great teacher in 2003 when I had Healing Touch  levels II & III with you....and look at you now!  I thank you for all the wonderful information & sharing.

Highlights for me were:
.  Learning to speak in terms of BENEFITS!
.  Your quotes = a nice addition
.  Tips on public speaking
.  Keeping a database
.  Collecting testimonials

  .Become 'INSPIRED'
.  All the great internet promotional tips - fantastic.

A wonderful teleseminar!  Wishing you much success with the Ebook & future endeavors :)

FYI...I just submitted my application for Sept 1 HT certification !!!!!
Carol Weisenburg
Mays Landing, NJ

I found the Eight Steps to Kick Start Your Practice helpful in that it allowed me to consider marketing in a different way which was much less distasteful to me. It provided carefully defined and steps which made the whole process of considering a practice less threatening. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.
Katheen K. Yanks
Port Orange FL

Margie Merryman
Licensed Massage Therapist
Hawaii MAT 8729
Dear Marilee,
Mahalo (thank you) for your course.

Marketing the Healing Arts can be a challenge, however, Marilee presents marketing information in a format which is very useful to the health care practitioner. Her teaching style is informative, inspiring, and empowering.

I had a successful Massage Therapy/Bodywork practice in California for 13 years and then I decided to live my dream and move to Kauai. After relocating to paradise, I was faced with the challenge to start my practice all over again. Taking this course was just the medicine I needed to kick start me into building my practice. After listening to the first week of the course, I was inspired and excited about my work and I attracted several new clients who also have made referrals to me and the phone continues to ring and now I am on my way. I credit Marilee for her guidance and inspiration. I highly recommend this course. The time you spend is well worth it.
With Aloha, Margie

Hi Marilee!! Excellent job!! Thank you so much for what you're doing to help others in the "healthcare" community. It truly is invaluable. I plan to start my own HT practice and maybe attend BBHS...and once I'm finished I can utilize all that you've taught me! Thank you again and hope to see you soon!
Malaga, NJ

Buy the E-Book Now!

Dear Marilee,
I decided to take this class at the last minute and I'm so glad that I did!  In the past I've struggled with the marketing and business end of having my own Holistic Therapy practice. This teleseminar has given me the information and tips that I needed to connect with those that I am here to serve and forge ahead with new found clarity and confidence!  What an amazing gift that you have shared with so many! Thank You!  Thank You!
In Peace Always,
Shera Marai
Pocono Lake, PA

Marilee thank you for the timely web cast series on how to kick start your practice. This information is very helpful for me to focus on setting up my Healing Practice. I will be pinned a Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Practitioner at the Young Living Essential Oils convention in Washington DC during the month of September 2007.

Gratefully yours,


Dorothy Lawrence Hackman

Also, what I call "living the work" as compared to "doing the work" was the other great lesson learned. In the past few weeks, it has been amazing how many people have approached me about HT instead of me approaching them just following this tip. I have been more energetic (lesson from week one on how important self care is) which has caught the eye of many. This alone has allowed me to present my daily testimonial to at least a dozen people.

Finally, all of the tips and techniques that you spoke of in regards to getting in front of larger groups and not having the fear to speak will be coming into play for me over the next month. The owner of the current company I work for hosts a large pro golf tournament ever year for which we have a marketing booth set up. In past years, I simply spoke about Assisted Living, what it means, and what we as a society need to do to support our seniors. This year, I am actually setting up a table and offering "glimpses" of healing touch to anyone visiting the booth. (this may be something as simple as a pendulum scan or a quick chakra connection... something to keep them coming back) I will also be offering a drawing for a free full session. I will have this opportunity again at our local Business Expo in October and again, even though I am going there to promote our Assisted Living...Healing Touch is now a large part of our Community's efforts to keep our residents stronger, healthier, and less reliant on medications. I will be offering the same "mini sessions" there as well.

I can't thank you enough for all that I have gleaned from these sessions and how I now feel that not only will I be successful when it comes time to step out on my own (in about a year), but how great I feel about the client base I will be building over the year while serving the residents of our Assisted Living to live more healthier "healing touched" lives.

Thank you for making a difference for me and for all of the others that you have touched through this course.
Teresa Blossom

Buy the E-Book Now!

I have recently relocated and have no support system in my area. It was so helpful listening to this program. The information was useful. I especially was happy to hear that the medical group is one market I can forget about. It was a huge weight lifted from me. I did work in a clinical setting where I practiced HT. I am comfortable now in my niche. It is great to have the interaction with other HT practitioners Being introduced to the webcast was enlightening. Thank-you
Donna Chicoine
Langham, Sask. Canada

I came in the 3rd week when you gave many ways of drumming up business. I too am with Young Living Essential Oils which I use personally, but am also open to recruiting others which I have done. I also do Massage work and am in the process of getting it up and going again since my Mom died. You have been an inspiration to me and I plan to use many of your suggestions to pick up clients, but of course, I expect word of mouth will work wonders also. I enjoyed your course so much and feel it is so beneficial. I would suggest it to all. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you.
Barbara Haynes

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone struggling with themselves trying to market your business. I was motivated to share what I do and it has made a difference to get involved and get your name out there, you can't keep what you do a secret just share, share, I liked the webcast it was great and it is good to be able to listen to the information again.
Carolyn Hughes LMT
Atlantic Beach, FL

Buy the E-Book Now!

Kay DuBois, Reiki Master, C.H.T.P.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I discovered Healing Touch when my infant daughter, Kendra was hospitalized due to a heart defect and needed a heart transplant. A nurse was doing Healing Touch on her and showed me some techniques I could use on her myself. Ultimately when I discovered that I could become a practitioner as a lay person, I went through the HT program and became certified.

Because of the emotional traumatic effects I experienced with my daughter's situation, it has been very difficult for me over the years (I became certified in 1998) to maintain a focus in order to build a successful business, and in 2003 it was compounded by Kendra having a serious rejection episode that required a second heart transplant. It was another year and a half before I felt ready to try and do my Healing Touch work again for the general populace.

I decided to do some volunteer work to "pay it forward" after receiving free Reiki treatments while we stayed at Ronald McDonald House for 2 months. I have been volunteering at an oncology center now for 2 and a half years.

While I have taken many courses through the Healing Touch program on marketing and building a holistic practice, I have not felt that I have been able to implement the information I have gained. Your course offered new perspective on topics I was already familiar with but unable to relate to such as how you can see yourself as the "product" you are selling, having a particular niche, and creating focus.
Although I have not begun to create any speaking opportunities yet or even begun any of the assignments you gave, I have come to realize that I need to "clean house" so to speak, eliminate all the chaos of many unfinished projects and ideas before I can create a clear focus and begin the steps I now know I can take to build a clientele.

I already know from the experiences with my oncology patients that my work has been very valuable, and that I indeed have become the expert in my field. I have the experience of being a care-giver and can relate to the patients' frustrations with the lack of care and compassion for their need to be valued as a whole person.
So my testimonial is to declare that I have begun the process of moving forward with your help, with re-newed INSPIRATION.

I have already felt the energy shift in that I received a call from 2 people within a week requesting to learn Reiki. While I hadn't thought about doing this, as I generally have preferred to do HT, I was INSPIRED by the second caller who told me that after speaking with me for only a couple minutes, she didn't really want to be referred to someone else as she liked my energy and was willing to wait for me to set a date for my first class. 

I am now setting goals and doing something small every day to reach those goals.

Thank you very much for your wisdom and perspectives.

Just as I was considering pursuing a career in teaching for the Healing Touch, Marilee's teleseminar class came along and offered motivation and inspiration at exactly the right moment. Now, I'm not just considering my next step, but I'm actually taking action. Thanks, Marilee!"
Deanna Reynolds, CHTP
Suffolk, VA

I really think Marilee's tips are going to help me take my energy work practice to the next level! It is great to have a resource who works in this field and is familiar with the particular needs of our clients.
Elizabeth Hicks
Cincinnati, OH

I am new in the business and these classes have given me a lot of information that I needed.  I have really enjoyed the classes and will share my knowledge with others as I grow in this business.  Thank you so much.
Benita Livingston
Memphis, TN

Buy the E-Book Now!

Thank you so much for this very informative four week course. I have really enjoyed it. It was great to be able to listen to the class even when I could not be on the live call. I can't wait to get started putting the information to work in building my practice. You are surely blessed for giving so much.





Truly enjoyed your 4 week program.  I appreciated your down-to-earth and relaxed style while managing to raise participants' enthusiasm and confidence in the ability to take their talents forward.  Also appreciated your emphasis that the energy worker's greatest tool is the self.  I've thought this before and it was great to have been validated.  Thanks much.  I plan to reach out to explore the support group idea with postpartum women and perhaps pregnant women as well.  My goal is to offer HT to this population. 
Diane Fashinpaur
Richfield, Ohio

I enjoyed your 8 steps program so much I met someone at lunch and she designed a new brochure for me for raindrop. It is an 8x11 colorful description of the technique/benefits. We also discussed different areas that the flyer could be distributed. I wouldn't have thought of these ideas without your suggestions.

I have talked about healing touch every day to someone new. It has been really interesting the people who have come into my path the last several weeks. My office load this month has doubled.

Thanks for the great info and energetic boost.
Pat Springer

Leesburg, VA
Thanks for taking the time to offer this class to all of us. The class was great. Myself and two others are just starting the process of putting a brochure together offering our 3 unique modalities. The timing of this class was right on. We are pretty fresh out of college and training and ready to start the process of building up a practice. A lot of our brain storming time has been cut in-half thanks to all of the great info and tips offered during the teleclass. I learned more then I can share here, so I will close with this...the teleclass has been a tremendous blessing in starting our first practice and we are now shopping around at rental spaces. Thank you Marilee!!

I can't thank you enough for offering this free telewebinar. The amount of information gleaned from it was priceless. I feel like one of those MasterCard commercials. Anyway, I also wanted to mention the flexibility that you allowed. I am often a hands on learner and take a great deal of notes, but allowing us the extra time to review the sessions has been wonderful for me. No matter how well we plan sometimes life takes over and the session was interrupted.

The most powerful lesson I learned from this was letting loose the gift I had inside myself. I have always been so worried about how to "sell myself". It really comes down to believing in what you're doing and it sells itself. Your practical tips for how to get over this fear were common sense, but the fact that you recognized them and others shared the same fear gave me what I needed to get over it.
I enjoyed listening to your classes. I usually couldn't make the call so I would hurry home from work the next day and listen to the recordings. It has given me some good advice as to how to start my Reiki Practice. I have already started putting some of the ideas into practice. Looking forward to a full schedule of clients.

Thanks Marilee for your time to do this for us. I greatly appreciate it.
Cindy Clark, Reiki Practitioner
White Pine, TN

Buy the E-Book Now!

I just finished listening to the 3rd session recording and found many of your tips great! I especially loved the idea to create fliers with 10 tips on them and not to focus on just my bio information. It really does give the receiver valuable info. I also liked the idea of creating a booklet to share tips of health and balance. I have thoroughly enjoyed each session! Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom!
Nancy Z.
W. Bloomfield, Michigan

Judy Lausch

Marilee Tolen is a great instructor.  She has mastery of course material and conveys clarity and confidence in her presentation.  I particularly appreciate her holistic approach.


I really enjoyed the teleseminars. The information and the topics that were covered were extremely informative and helpful.

I really appreciated the convenience of listening on the phone and my computer and the timeframe of the calls. It was also great to be able to listen to the calls that I missed at a later date.

You provided so much helpful information about how to attract clients and what to do once you get them. You gave so many tips on ways to build your client base, without spending any money.

I was really encouraged by what you said about overcoming the fear that we have about sharing our products and services and the importance of doing so.

I am really encouraged & motivated to try some of the techniques that you suggested. I am very excited to try setting up a blog.

I really enjoyed the seminars because there was a lot of helpful information given, but it was easy to follow and understand. It was really helpful that you shared your own experiences and what worked for you.

My husband was listening as well and mentioned that you have a very relaxing voice.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this valuable, helpful information and to offer it free of charge.

Thank you,
Lori Ann
Union, NJ

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Rodelaida Avila
Montreal Qc
Some weeks ago I was reading the Home Spa Lady's Tips of the week, and Marilee was offering her next Free Teleseminar Series "Eight Steps to Kick Start Your Practice" and it kick me! The words resonate inside of my head, and I registered almost the last day. I am getting ready to start my practice, I was already doing some of the steps that she mention, and what was missing, was the Structure, and that is what I am learning now, something so important to success Structure! Now I have it, all the information together step by step and free!
Thanks Marilee for giving me so timely what I needed, and opening the possibility to go beyond my limitations.

I wish to say Thank You so much for sharing your expertise with such enthusiasm. There were many suggestions throughout the course that have inspired me to change the words to market myself and promote Healing Touch. You have reignited my passion.
Thank you, Thank You.
Lu Harmesynn

I found this class inspiring. It was good to know that there are other people out there starting up their practices. It helped me be aware of all the gifts I have to offer and plan strategies to share my work.
Margaret Harle RN MSN OCN CHTP
Houston Texas

Terrific teleclass again Marilee! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us, it gave me and people in my group some great ideas on ways to promote our businesses.

The information you provide is so timely and can be applied immediately. You explain everything so well that it enabled us to jump right in and get things going!

Thanks so much for making your teleclasses so affordable and information packed.

Evelyn Vincent
Lynnwood, WA
Website: http://TheVeryEssence.com
Blog: http://aromatherapy4u.wordpress.com

Thank you for all your practical tips and encouragement giving a boost to my confidence and taking the dread and complication out of marketing. I looked forward to every class and found new insight that I will be applying immediately to my practice. Most of all thank you for your passion and spirit in sharing this valuable information.

Fran Medina RN, BSN Holistic Health Practitioner
Warwick, NY

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The format of structured lecture mixed with your suggestions and comments on our questions worked very well. Your teleseminar helped me to re-frame how I think about selling myself to a target market. It moved me towards a paradigm shift - to an empowered attitude in interacting with the public that focuses on my Self as product, the importance of my personal stories, and the innumerable benefits that I provide to my clients and community as a compassionate and loving healer. Thank you!
Susan Quan Chodorow, MA, HTP
Penfield, NY
Marilee Tolen's wealth of experience, knowledge, extraordinary clarity and passion presented in her "8 Steps to Kick Start Your Practice" is a BRILLIANT BLUEPRINT for setting up a successful holistic practice.

I believe that Marilee's information is 'a must have' for those choosing to improve their existing practices as well. She has simplified the process. This it IT.

Here is a toast to everyone's success!
Valeria Burton, N.D.
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you so much for your 8 Steps To Kick Start Your Practice. I love it!!! This has been an invaluable service with lots of information that has helped me in my business. I am a start up business and could not have afforded the expense of a seminar. I took numerous notes and hope to incorporate them as I progress in my business.
Thank you,
Knoxville, TN

Thank you so much for painting the BIG PICTURE and then breaking it into manageable pieces. It has been my intent for over 3 years now to create 'a presence' by offering the gift of energy medicine to family and friends. But that's as far as it got...I have done exchanges to be able to compare what I offer to what others offer [and to grow a network of healers from which we can refer each other]. I've done and redone business cards and pamphlets...I even got laid off - not in the plan - and became more available but I've held back from stepping out, because it all seemed too overwhelming to go from a structured job to flexible 'I create the schedule' hours...It was like saying 'Okay, World I'm here!' without turning on the volume.

I have now joined 2 networking groups, have written a mission statement, begun work on my 'story/biography'...I'm asking myself the hard questions: What do I REALLY want to do and with whom?
I'm starting to think by way of a plan with long and short term goals...and I have created a space in my home for people to come [not abandoning the traveling table yet though!]

Marilee, Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and continuous inspiration. I have enjoyed watching your methods of informing step by step, providing access [phone AND computer], showing by example what a tool technology can be. I watched how you met us at every turn - including a chance to hear it again [which was helpful for me having missed the beginnings a couple times.] I am amazed and encouraged that what I choose to give to the world CAN BE DONE - by ME!!! You have provided the extra nudge for me to keep going! Remembering it is a process, to have patience with myself and to challenge myself to step ever-so-slightly out of my comfort zone and create a new boundary to my comfort zone. It really does get easier! Success encourages success.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Susan Benjamin
Preston, CT

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The 8 steps class was so beneficial.  It stimulated so many wonderful approaches to think about and use in jump starting a practice that I am literally jumping for joy! 

The way you have presented “How to overcome monetary obstacles”, is a key factor in why many of us give up. After convention I intend to go out and sell myself with the conviction that “I am an expert” as you have pointed out.  You have given me the impetus to soar to greater heights and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  In peace and love, Freya Nanfra 
Rev. Freya Nanfra
Brooklyn, NY

This was a great class with tons of useful information! I learned new ways to market myself that don't require $$$. It was just what I needed to get my practice going. The teleseminar format is excellent, an ideal way to take a class. Thanks so much for doing this Marilee!
Becky Jacobs
Kamuela, HI

Hi Marilee,

I feel that I may not be at the same place as many of the 'experts' you have just trained.

I would love to start a business right now with all that I have learned.
I have become an 'expert' in the area of healing with herbs while living here in the Philippines! However, living in the Philippines is also what is holding me back from starting a business. A foreigner has many restrictions on setting up a business here, so I just have to wait until I move back to the US in 3 years!

I do appreciate so much what I have learned in the 4 weeks of sessions you have so generously shared with us. Thank you for your generous spirit of helping others get going in their area of expertise.
Bless you.
Alberta Knudtsen

Thanks so much for sharing your "8 Steps To Kick Start Your Practice" with us! These sessions were a wonderful energetic mode of sharing that I needed to hear. Your webcast made it really convenient for me to participate! I truly appreciate your sharing and send you light and love.
Henderson, NV

Marilee's "8 Steps To Kick Start Your Practice" course was unbelievably informative - beyond my expectations.  It was so timely in its arrival, just as I was putting together a brochure, and so I was able to incorporate a few valuable tips she had.  Being able to listen at home, on my own schedule, feeling great that I was receiving continued education for my work - and all this for FREE!! - it was an incredible gift.  Thank you, Marilee, for your generosity, and for being such an amazing role model I want to follow.
Heather Porter
Greenwich, CT

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Your class has resolved some of my questions regarding fees.   I am comfortable with my prices now.  I also used your suggestion and am receiving free business cards for the first time.  Pin pointing my target market is a challenge for me I want to be an instrument in healing the world.  I am working on that and I am sure it will help in building my business.  Thank you again for all your information. 
Kathy McConnin
Hertford, NC

For me, the most inspiring thing about your webcasts are the contagious enthusiasm you impart. They give a sense of hope and energy to send us forth.
Thank you kindly.
Sterling Heights, MI

Wow!  Really helped me to organize my thoughts and "actions needed" for when I will be ready to start my own business.  I am not quite there yet, but this course helped motivate me to "get going."  Great information! Thanks

Emily Barrett
East Hampton, NY

The 8 steps teleseminar has given me renewed enthusiasm and focus for my business and holistic practice. Everything was presented in such a heart felt and concise manner. You make it so easy. I now have the focus and tools to implement my new marketing plan and I am so excited. I had been struggling for the last 2 years to get anything on paper and feel that it was inspired action. I am so grateful. Most folks promise things on their "free webcasts", and there is very little tangible material to put into use. Not true here. There is so much material for me to implement into my practice and marketing materials. Thanks again!
Austin TX

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I found it reassuring that many others had many of the same concerns that I had!  You have inspired me to do more to promote my work.  Since the broadcasts, I have left brochures at my ophthalmologist and my chiropractor's offices.  I have also signed up to have a booth at two different venues.

Thanks for the push!
Barbara S. Henthorn
Edmond, OK

This format is so flexible - to either listen at the "real time" or to listen when it is more convenient - including listening again to pick up key points.

Your tips on getting/ keeping clients are creative and show that you are experienced in doing a variety of things to grow your business.

Looking forward to putting a number of these ideas into practice.
thanks again.
Norma Line
St Louis, MO

This was an awesome class. You addressed so many issues that are key to success. Also, you covered many reasons why we hang ourselves up...... wow.... that was an eye opener!

Thanks so much! I look forward to more classes with you.


Santa Fe, NM

I absolutely loved this course.  Over the years I have heard others speak on ways to build a practice, but this was far and away the best.  Most of the others seemed to hit on one or two of the topics you covered, but this course was so complete.  Instead of telling of us to do this, this and this, you gave the pros and cons of the options so that we can decide what is best for us.  It was not only 'food for thought', even better yet, it was 'food for action'.  I am sure in the near future you will be hearing from many of the people who tuned in telling you how their practices have grown...all they have to do is to put into practice what you have shared with us.  Thank you so much for sharing the information with us.
Mary Beth Genter

Marilee's program is practical, useful and powerful.  I would recommend it to anyone who is starting a practice or looking to improve their current practice. 
Margaret Nies
Grand Junction Colorado

Buy the E-Book Now!

I am a Healing Touch student and am very excited about learning how to start my own Healing Touch Practice. I won't be ready for about two years but knowing what to expect and steps to take now will help expedite my practice when I am ready. Thank you so much for sharing your time and experiences with us. Your generosity is just overwhelming!
Debbie Campbell
Loveland, Ohio

Terry Clegg
Northfield, MN
Thanks so much for this motivational 8 steps telewebcast! I enjoyed this so much. Especially that I could watch it in my own time. Life is so busy. You presented real remedies for many of my personal road-blocks to creating an active practice again. I have stepped away from my practice or my focus had been on readjusting to our new lifestyle in Northfield...This is exactly what I needed to move my focus back on my practice. Thanks for the wonderful creative solutions you presented. I can't thank you enough. We just got home from a well needed vacation and I feel fresh to put some ideas on paper and reconnect with my energy practice.

I heard so many statements that sparked my thinking and gave me many new paradigms about sharing my gifts. I had never thought that by not sharing I was being selfish. My reluctance to tell others about what I do no longer seems like pushing but a necessity.
Barbara Polasky
Payson, AZ

I really like your idea of becoming an expert in one area to start. Then as I become trusted in that area, the rest should follow. I am going to concentrate in that area.
Donna Kessler
Leesport , PA

Marilee combined information found through years of my own research into a four week study. This provided a wonderful reminder and great encouragement to me. I no longer have to remember all of my references in order to remind myself, and others, what to do. She also had many other great ideas which are now helping me in my quest to a better business. Thank you Marilee!
Randolph Friend
Tahlequah, OK

Buy the E-Book Now!

Wow. I knew this course would be good, but it was so much more than that. The most important thing I learned was that there are others out there who are doing what I am doing, and they have figured many things out along the way. I had many ideas to start with; Marilee added so many more, and put it all together in a professional, caring way. This was very inspiring!
Patti Cook

Marilee knows her stuff. She has studied and lived what
she speaks about and I am grateful she shares it with
whoever is interested! I will take time to sit down and
read the info. from Marilee and then put it into ACTION!
Sheli Toepfer
Massage Practitioner / Young Living Essential Oils Consultant /Jewelry Designer

It was great.  Can't wait to have the ebook because it will be good to refer to it again and again.  Thank you so much and I am looking forward to hearing from you again.
Kelle Koenig
Phoenix, AZ

"I have been enlightened by your teleseminar. It has inspired me to think of new avenues for sharing my gifts. It also has given me food for thought on why I have been drawn down this path and how I can relate my path to helping others in the healing process. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me.



Thanks Marilee! I was informed of this offering from a colleague. I signed up for week 2 and was able to listen to week one with the link you sent. I appreciate your gifts and expertise in helping our holistic community connect and further our collective work.

I particularly liked the third class as it pulled together all my learnings for the past 4-5 years into an hour or so, delivered in a logical, friendly, conversational way that created ease and possibility.

Thank you Marilee for providing this service.
Christine Charles
Teaneck NJ

Buy the E-Book Now!

"Wow!! What an inspiration to all out there in the sales & marketing world today!!"   Marilee did such a great job and made it easy to understand and apply to all modalities. Way to go!!  So advanced and on the money, Honey!! Each week just got better and better!
PLEASE, Keep up the good work!!
All my Love & Luck,
Patricia Minix
YLEO Rep. and Health Nut
Bordentown, NJ

8 Steps To kickstart Your Practice is the absolute best teleseminar I've attended!

Marilee is genuine and informative. She is stays on task and on-time. I really appreciate that because other teleseminars I've attended, keep you way over the time and we are all busy and block out a certain amount of time for the class. I would love to see an advanced class or continuation class for maybe another four weeks.

Marilee is the best and I highly recommend 8 Steps to Kickstart Your Practice!

Heidi Schaden
Black Canyon City, AZ

Thanks so much for the help I needed in starting a practice. 
Amherst, MA

I found it to be very informative. I took lots of notes. I have used many of these ideas before, but it's nice to have reminders. Maybe they will work better for me now. I think it would be esp. helpful for people who are just starting out and have no idea where to begin.
Denver CO

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